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Butane Torch  HBT-68
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Butane Torch HBT-68

Butane Torch HBT-68

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Product:Butane Torch  HBT-68

  • Cooking and Catering                                                                                        flaming, caramelizing, browning, adding colour and texture to food, blistering and skinning, finishing foods for presentation and adding decoration prior to serving.
  • Lighting BBQ's and fires.
  • Thawing frozen water pipes.
  • Hobby and craftwork, model making.
  • Soldering / brazing pipe joints.
  • Paint stripping.
  • Power flame -flame temperature up to 1,300- degrees C
  • Be careful the phenomenon of flaring which may occur.The appliance can be used at any angle without flaring after 30 seconds of warm-up period

Technical Characteristic:
Size 155 x 55 x21mm
Weight 80g
Heat Output 1.5 KW
Gas Consumption 85g
Ignition Piezon ignition
Feature Anti Flare Function